Ensuring your Contingent workforce is IR35 compliant.

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Evaluation of your current contractor processes will give you an indication of the IR35 status of your PSC workers, allowing you to consider any requirement for optimising your business processes for IR35 compliance.

The following series of checks will help you gain a starting point to appraise your current situation and determine the procedures required to comply with the new IR35 rules.

Taking measures to understand your contingent workforce from an IR35 perspective is essential to help you build a process for managing the revision when it comes into effect in April 2021.

1. Identify your contingent workforce.

  • How many are PSCs (personal service companies)?
  • Can these PSCs be grouped into the same/similar services?

 2. Identify the provision of any managed/outsourced services.

 3. Confirm who is responsible for making decisions on the employment status of your off-payroll workers.

  1. Agency
  2. Client
  3. Other

 4. Confirm who will carry the tax liability (this will be the fee-payer).

  1. Agency
  2. Client
  3. Other

 5. Confirm the different contractual chains (for end clients).

  1. All direct hires
  2. All engaged via recruitment agencies
  3. Mixture of direct hires and those engaged through recruitment agencies
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