Our aim is to find you the contract you desire and offer you the best rates, expert advice and market insights relevant to your expertise. This allows you to make an informed decision and gain a competitive position to secure your next contract.

Our dedicated contract team have many years experience and take a methodical approach to ensure your contract is easy to understand and there is a smooth transition into your project. If you accept a Project through us, our Contractor Care team will support you all the way, providing contractual advice, help with any IR35 Status Assessments and insurance, together with any project commencement or on-boarding process, invoicing and answer any questions you may have.

In line with the Off Payroll Rules that became effective from 6th April 2021, we will assist in a collaborative way (between you, ourselves and the Client) to ensure the correct Status Determination Statement (SDS) is made to reflect the actual project arrangements. The SDS, together with our robust Personal Service Company (PSC) Agreements will in most instances capture a genuine project outside of "IR35".

Moreover, with over 30 years experience within the IT Contract sector we are often the 'preferred supplier' for contractors with many organisations who entrust us with the entire recruiting process including Off-Payroll and IR35 determination issues.

As a Contractor with Clearly Defined, you’ll be providing a 'Contract for Services' and have the choice of three contract methods:

  1. Set yourself up as a PSC / UK limited company and ensure you’re listed as the Director and are in financial control of the company. Contracting or freelancing via your own UK Limited Company (often referred to as a Personal Service Company - PSC - for tax purposes).  For genuine discrete projects and a suitable Status Determination Statement (SDS) from the end client, this offers greater flexibility and additional tax benefits but also means you take greater responsibility for your legal status and accounts. You will become the main Representative for your Contractor PSC who performs the services for the End Client. This will be over a 'Project Term' and is based upon a negotiated 'Project Fee' to complete the Project. Invoices can be raised during the Project, more often on a monthly basis. 
  2. Join our 'Temporary Candidate Agreement' (PAYE) and get paid a net salary with payslip. Should your contract be deemed "inside IR35" by the end client, then you are deemed to be an individual providing services under a contract and have the status of 'worker'. You will be paid through our own PAYE  -  this can be on a fixed pay, hourly or daily rate. We deduct your income tax, national insurance and pension contributions and provide you with a payslip showing how the deductions have been made. This also includes our Pension contribution and holiday pay (usually 5.6 weeks per year or pro rata) depending upon the contract. The default position is for you to join our pension scheme (NEST) albeit you do have the option to "opt-out" if this is your preference. This is a free service and do not charge any administration fee.
  3. Enter into an agreement with one of our approved 'Umbrella companies' who must always adhere to our 'Agency to Service Provider' agreements.  By joining an approved umbrella company, you’re usually taken on as an employee where you can gain employment rights and minimise your administrative tasks or with payments treated as an employment income. This is ideal for those who work on short-term projects or on a series of short assignments and incur business expenses during their work.



The vast majority of Limited Company Contractors will have some form of contractor insurance, professional indemnity or liability insurance.

For projects where you are operating under the Off Payroll Rules, purchasing insurance is a key indicator that you are being in business on your own account. All contractors in business today need to be proactive and show that they have taken reasonable steps to understand the Off Payroll Rules (often called "IR35") and ascertain their status accordingly. With Clearly Defined we help you right through the process with regard to your Contract, Status Determination Statement (SDS), Independent Assessment.  If you are "outside IR35" this thorough and complete solution demonstrates to HMRC exactly that you are "outside IR35" and is a key indicator in helping to show your status.

Please note: we do not instruct or refer any insurance companies or policies supplying so called "IR35 insurance" and we leave any decisions regarding insurance cover totally down to you.